May we pray for you?

We have a Wednesday evening prayer group that meets to pray for various needs that we know of. We would be happy to add your request to our prayers.

We also have an e-mail prayer list that goes to members who choose to participate. They get items that have come to the Wednesday prayer session.

You may be concerned about privacy. This is our promise to you:

  • We will not lend or sell your contact information to others. We may keep your contact information for one month for purposes of follow-up, unless you request ongoing contact with us.
  • Your prayer request may be shared within our church family, but not beyond.
  • Except for the follow-up described above no attempt will be made to contact or further identify you or the parties being prayed for.
  • We will pray for the person or situation on Wednesday evenings for one month, unless you request a different time period.
  • Other than our prayer e-mail list prayer requests will never be posted on-line.

So, may we pray for you or for someone you care for? Please provide the following information:

  • The name of the person or a description of the situation for whom we should pray. Please give only first names or nicknames.
  • A brief description of the situation or condition for which we are being asked to pray. Be specific enough that our prayers may be specific.
  • Your own name (first name is sufficient) and e-mail or other contact information that we can use within one month for follow-up.

Send us all this in an e-mail or telephone us at 850-385-6441.

If what you want a call from the pastor for yourself or for others please make that specific request. Such information will be shared with no one else without explicit permission.