Events at Gray

Events as of  November 8, 2018 :

Sunday, November 18
9:30 am  Sunday School  (Child Care Available*)
             Truth Seekers
             Sunshine Class
             Children’s Sunday School
9:45 am  Special Series:  “Becoming a Welcoming Church”
             led by Pastor Myron Rhodes, Jr. (last Sunday)
11 am   Worship Service
             Children’s Church*

Thanksgiving Week – November 19-23
The church will only be open on Tuesday, Nov. 20 this week
8:30 am-12:30 pm

Other activities normally held during the week are cancelled this week due to the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Outreach Activities: 

ECHO Outreach Ministries – Gray MUMC supports ECHO Outreach Ministries of Tallahassee.  ECHO is one of the oldest social service agencies in Tallahassee, founded by a number of local churches to provide emergency relief and assistance to low income and homeless individuals and families.

Grace Mission – Another mission supported by Gray MUMC is Grace Mission on Brevard Street in downtown Tallahassee.  Grace Mission has numerous programs and services provided to homeless and low income citizens.

Big Bend Front Porch – Gray MUMC collects gently used clothing for the Big Bend Front Porch Mission throughout the year.  The mission, formerly know as Westside Mission, operates at Calvary UMC on the west side of Tallahassee.  The mission has a weekly clothes closet and food pantry for low income families in the area.  Members of Gray MUMC routinely volunteer and support the activities of Big Bend Front Porch.