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Gray Memorial’s Donations Help Many!

Locally, Gray Memorial supports Grace Mission Episcopal Church and Big Bend Front Porch Mission located at Calvary United Methodist Church.  Both of these locations serve homeless and poverty stricken citizens in Tallahassee.  Gray Memorial members have donated clothing, supplies, food and money to help forward the missions of these organizations.

Throughout the year, members of Gray MUMC support children at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home with gift cards and donations which provide the extras children need to make their lives special-school field trips, special clothing items, new shoes, etc.  The children living at FUMCH are unable to live with their families for various reasons — this effort to show our love and support of them is very important.

Members of Gray MUMC also provide donations of food to Grace Mission  in Tallahassee on holidays and throughout the year.   Gray MUMC recently donated $1,000 to the children’s program at Grace Mission so that participating children could have day camp and sleepover camp experiences this coming summer.  Grace Mission serves the homeless and many low income citizens in downtown Tallahassee.