Archived Sermons


12/31/2017 The Cliffhanger

12/10/17 Coming Soon. The Set-up.

12/3/17 Coming Soon. Stay Tuned! (First Sunday of Advent)

11/26/2017 Christ is King

11/26/17 Scriptures

2/31/2017 The Cliffhanger


10/9/2016—A Season of Harvest: A Time of Gratitude

10/2/2016—A Season of Harvest: Increase Our Faith (Bishop Ken Carter)

9/25/2016—A Season of Harvest: Contrasts and Reversals

9/18/2016—A Season of Harvest: Learning Through Dissatisfaction (Luke 16:1-13)

Our apologies, there is no audio recording for the sermon from 9/11/2016

9/4/2016—A Season of Harvest: Lose to Gain

8/28/2016–We Believe in Resurrection and New Life

8/21/2016—We Believe in Forgiveness of Sins

8/14/2016—We Believe in the Church

8/7/2016—We Believe in the Holy Spirit

7/31/2016—We Believe in Jesus

7/24/2016—We Believe in God

7/17/16—The Lord’s Prayer: The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory

7/10/16—The Lord’s Prayer: Save Us